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How To Learn Any Language Easily

Are you interested in learning another language or improve your skills in one that you already know? Here are a couple of tips, that'll give your learning a new boost!

Ditch the books and turn up the volume. Music is the most entertaining way of learning new words. Just go to Youtube or Spotify and tune in for the artists of your favorite genre in a totally different language. Search the song's lyrics with google and sing along!

TV is not only for switching off your brain. Tickle it by watching a series in another language. Even if you're watching something in English, use the English subtitles to fully grasp what the characters in your favorite movie are saying.

It's not uncommon to meet little kids who use English daily, even though it's not their native language. How? In the world of games it's normal to chat and make strategies with the other participants -who might as well be living on the other side of the globe. So if you want to survive, you better learn to communicate!

A tandem language partner might make you think of a bicycle for two people, but it's possible to have even without the bike. With a tandem language partner you can both learn each others' languages by taking turns. Grab a coffee, sit down and talk in Finnish for the first 30 minutes, and in Spanish the next. You can try to find a partner from e.g. CouchSurfing.

Of course there's no better way to really learn to speak, but by living in that particular country. It's amazing how fast people learn, when they have no other choice but to use their (sometimes very broken) language skills.


As you see, languages are definitely not all about cramming all night and trying to memorize complicated grammar. With these tips, you won't even realize you're learning because you're having so much fun!


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  1. I completely agree with somewhat everything in this one! :) I'm especially familiar with the gaming community; the strategical warfare vocabulary and the fancy wordings from role-playing games. I also watch a lot of series and I'm very much guilty of doing the occasional random sing-alongs in ventrilo or skype to my very unfortunate friends! :D

    Taija, Varustamo