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How can you become a super networker?

We have already written about looking for a job in social media. But what do people who hire employees have to say about it? Terhi and Sara from Varustamo visited the social media and job hunting event at the University of Tampere, which was organized by Unipoli Tampere. You can see part of the event on Twitter at #somejobs if you log in. The speakers of the event were Maria Rajakallio, Brand and Digital Manager from Rekrytointipalvelu Sihti, Sari Veikkolainen, HRD specialist from Yle, and Antti Mäkelä, Project Manager from Unoam. We got many useful tips for job hunting in social media from them!

The first thing is to make yourself present in the online world. There are lots of jobs available that will never be put online because companies don’t want to – so they must be able to find you. How should you start then? The first step is to make an online CV. You can do it in Linkedin. It is good to think whether you should do your CV in English or in Finnish. Sari Veikkola recommended that you should do it in English because it is more professional. When you’ve done your CV you should advertise yourself. The channel to do this depends on what kind of job you’re looking for. Ask yourself: "Where can I find a job?" You can do this, for example, on your Facebook page – maybe you know someone who could help you. There are also groups in Facebook that might help you to hear from an opening job. It's important to let everyone know you are looking for a job!

Check out this video clip about networking and new job hunting skills!

When you have made your online CV, it is important to get some votes and do networking. Get recommendations from people you know in Linkedin or get some likes or shares to your updates. If you don’t know anyone, ask your mom to tell something about you – you must start somewhere! If you find an interesting company to work at, why wouldn’t you call or e-mail them to ask if they need someone? You can’t do any harm. Twitter can also be used to catch your dream job. Be active: update, share, ask! But keep in mind that you’re looking for a job – not telling your friends how much fun you had yesterday. Sari and Antti pointed out that they didn't see Facebook as a job hunting channel because it is too personal. In Finland it’s not allowed for an employer to google an applicant but remember that they still might do that. What does Google tell about you? Is there someone else with the same name you don’t want to get confused with?

Employers want to know you but it’s also a good thing if you know them. Read their updates and follow them. They might notice you and you’ll get a hint of what kind of atmosphere the firm has. There are also different kind of groups that can help you with job hunting like Talent Pool Finland in Linkedin, E-jobs and #hirewepsi in Twitter (log in required).
Don't forget to help your friends as well! Finding a job is all about connections and networking. 

Terhi and Sara, Varustamo

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